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Our Story

Who We Are

Hey and thanks for checking out Houseplanted!

We're Noah and Kayla Olson and we started Houseplanted in June of 2020. It has been our goal since the beginning to create a place where customer service is the best in the industry and a large variety of very high quality houseplants are easily accessible and fairly priced.

When you order from Houseplanted, you will receive the healthiest plants in the world, professionally packaged and delivered quickly from our greenhouse to your door (no middleman, backroom storage or sketchy packaging/shippers).

Unlike big box stores and most of our online competitors, our plants are never stored in warehouses or dark storage areas and we take extreme care to ensure that they arrive in excellent condition. We are so confident in their superior health and vitality that we stand behind them with our Happy Houseplant 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Not only do we believe that we offer the best houseplants in the world, we believe that our customer experience and service is second to none. We personally respond to any and all text messages, social media DMs, and emails as soon as we receive them and we'll never leave you on read. If you have an issue with your order, need a shopping suggestion or have any questions, we would love to help you!

Houseplanted is a place where beginners and pros alike can come together to gain experience, learn, grow, and enjoy houseplants in a safe and welcoming environment.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

- Noah and Kayla Olson

PS. Need help deciding, have a care question, concerned about your order, something else? Text us at 315-752-6833 or send us an email to hello@houseplanted.com! We'd love to help!

Our Story

Things We're Proud Of

Customers First

In a world where customer service has all but disappeared, we offer industry leading customer service and experiences. Send us a text and you'll agree.

The Best Plants

Our plants blow big box store plants out of the water. Sourced from local farms and shipped right from our greenhouse to your door. Guarenteed to be healthy.

A Warm Community

We are striving to foster an accepting community for anyone and everyone. Whether it's our website, social media, emails, texts, or groups theres a place for you here.