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All About Air Plants

All About Air Plants

Air Plants

aka Tillandsia spp.

Fast Facts

  • Perfect for well lit spaces with normal airflow
  • Small space friendly
  • Great for homes and spaces with small children and/or pets


If the plant world had superheroes, they would almost certainly be air plants. Plants are usually found in soil as they use their roots to find and absorb nutrients and water below them. Air plants have the super-ability to absorb nutrients and moisture from the air around them. In the wild, air plants can be found in several different habitats including dry deserts and moisture rich forests. Although they’re often grouped under one name, there are many different individual plants within the air plant family.

Tips to Thrive

Because of their unique ability to live apart from soil, air plants are naturally low maintenance and easy to care for. Air plants prefer well lit spaces but without direct sunlight and fast air flow.

Despite their independence from soil, air plants still require watering about once a week in the spring summer and fall, and once every 3 weeks in the winter. For most air plants, a 10-20 minute soak in room temperature water will do. For larger air plants, we recommend using a spray bottle filled with water to give them a heavy misting.


Because of their versatility and generally small footprints, air plants are perfect for hanging or placing in small planters, gluing to pieces of wood, creating terrariums, or any number of other creative uses.

If you’re just getting into the houseplant game, air plants are a great place to start.